Elements of art

Today in viscom we completed a pice of work by using some of the elements involved in art. My piece of work contains the elements: shape, Colour, line, point, letter form and tone we used these elements on the letters of our names. in each letter we were only allowed to use one of the elements.

Remembrance Day

Remembrance day is a day when I get to remember the men and women that fought for our country during all the wars that have passed. Remembrance day signifies the end to World War 1, the peace treaty was signed on the 11/11/11. In world war 1 30 million lives were lost through out the world 60,000 Aussies were included in the millions that died in world war 1.

About me

I’m Edward I like to play cricket and Footy in the AFL I barrack for The Richmond Tigers my favourite player for Richmond is number 3 Brett Deledio. I play basketball in Koroit I am on the suns team. I like playing my X-box 360 my favourite game I have would be Call of duty. i walk to school because it is just down the road. my favourite food is pizza or fish and chips.  I like reading adventure book my favourite series is  Rangers Apprentice by John Flanagan. my favourite TV series is the Walking dead

RFDS [Royal Flying Doctor Service]

The RFDS came to our school and we had a look at a simulator and got to have a go at all of the things what were in there. Tom said he wanted us to touch as many buttons as we could and he talked to us and also showed us some pictures about the RFDS and we got to lift Jakob in to the simulator and he had to unstrap himself with no help. good photo

Healthy Eating

lunches 014

To be Healthy means eating the right things. Not sitting on the couch all day, and being active. If you drink cordial you might try swapping to water.
I give my lunch a 6/10. The orange is healthy, but the rest of it isn’t. My sandwich is made out of white bread.